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If you're reading this right now, You should know that everything going on in our physical world can be seen and has a deeper meaning in the spiritual world You may not understand if you do not get the necessary spiritual guidance/help. The spiritual world is supreme, much more bigger and deeper  than you know or can comprehend with your human mind. You, someone close to you, or someone that you know (dead or alive) is usually in one way or the other (in most cases) connected to whatever situation it is you're going through. E.g  heart break, bad break up, divorce, hurt, ill-health, unemployment, bad luck, etc) and sometimes they might be showing you a sign or speaking to you in a way that you can never understand with your mere human mind or see with your physical mind.

 Here at Merujhaspells, we have vast experience and use our gifts in helping to remove hexes and evil curses with the help of Kabbalah. Many people have enjoyed our services and have their lives restored after bad black magic spells has been placed on them, their family, health, relationship, finance and marriage. In the craft, We have a great reputation, goodwill & integrity by providing timely responses in urgent situations and an individual approach in each particular case.

Kabbalah magic is a potent force that neutralizes the effects of the worst black magic spells. A special sacred ritual that clears the person of dark forces can be conducted. This method is the most effective one and works in most cases but of course there are uncommon exceptions. Usually the result of such a ritual is noticeable in less than a few hours the same day, some may take days or weeks, months depending on the individual's case(Different stroke for different folk). The patient will feel relieved, anxiety-free and light-hearted.

We are professional spell casters skilled in  the under listed Love spells with vast experience.

Egyptian Love Spells
Kabbalah Spells
White Magic Love Spells
Wicca Love Spells
Obeah Love Spells
Witchcraft Love Spells
Voodoo Love Spells
Moon Magic Love Spells

 You get free daily consultation and/or readings while working with us.

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 We have only one goal in life: to bring happiness and success to our clients with our gifts. Under the above category, there are other types such as:

Love Spells(Red/White Magic), Luck Spells, Career Spells, Protection Spells(White Magic), Marriage Spells, Leave my lover/ Break Up spells, Commitment Spells etc. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide assistance for you with our gifts.

Don't miss this opportunity: our service is strictly limited to a few clients( on first come first serve basis). Time is of the essence therefore we we would not entertain any waste of time as ONLY 5 slots will be available per week  . To maximize  time, full concentration is required for every single spell we perform. CONTACT US today to indicate your interest.

 Email us your situation via, we'll  respond to your form/email within 24 hrs or you can call/text 24/7 on (+1) 872-666-1792. Please very importantly, see the ABOUT US, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, and CONTACT US sections to read more .  Your spell work will be done therefore relax your mind and keep you fingers crossed!. We will send you positive energies from the universe.


A peek into how the spell is performed:

Your situation will be tabled before the 7 spirits to ascertain the kind and number of spells that will suit your  situation without bringing any negative effect on you, your lover or any other person involved , this will also help to ascertain the best date and time the spell ritual and casting must be done to get the best result and  after this process,  since you'll partake of the spell work we  will ascertain a reading ritual for you to perform at your end  at a specified date and time when the 7 spirits will be invoked and at this same date and time we will perform the necessary rituals/spells for your situation.

However, we'll be in contact with you all this time, before, during and after the spell casting process. We may set up a time to talk via Skype, phone call and/or text message (Your Preference).

 Willingness to patiently wait  for positive forward movement in the situation of things  is required on your part after the ritual/spell(s) is/are performed. In some cases, it takes LESS time while in other cases it takes MORE  time, even months to get results. All instructions must be followed thoroughly and obeyed to the latter while positivity must remain at it's peek, and ritual roles must be performed accurately and diligently to enable desired results come to fruition.

Please note that anything done in desperation(ASAP) will NEVER last , because of time frames and time to make it right,We do all we can not to fail clients , therefore we take our time to do our best for our clients so they can be assisted in a way that will make them happy. We don't do black magic spells or curses cos of Karma, we are non-judgemental, will listen to you and use our gifts to provide you the necessary assistance in this better and improved way to get your life, lover, relationship / marriage, Family back and stay with you through those lowest and hardest times.

Thank you for showing interest, reading and sharing.  Peace to your soul


RESULTS VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. All services provided are for spiritual and positive growth purposes only, and they cannot and will not be substituted for legal or medical help. If you're suffering from emotional issues, health complications, financial problems, or legal concerns, please contact your local and registered professional immediately for further assistance. We use our gifts to offer you love Spell Casting services and can offer you insight on all of your situations, psychic readings, spiritual guidance but you are responsible for what you do with the information.

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I'm a member of at least 3 different love spell and psychics discussion forums you would find on the internet( clearly exposed one of them). My relationship problems have pushed me in pursuit of happiness and help but I have always been taken advantage of by different psychics who claim to help me on but i found out they were fake and competitor that discredit other psychics. Among them all, you merujhaspellcaster stand out and told me the blatant truth, It was hard to move one at first but with the spiritual support you gave me, it has made very huge difference and I'm indebted to you. Thanks for your honesty, professionalism and saving a life without taking advantage of me. I wish i had found your website earlier instead of regrettably falling into the wrong hands. Calgaryman * Result Vary

I must clearly say that now i believe you are truly genuine and cast effective spells that brings results after i saw that goggle had recommended your services as the best. Thank you for being true and helping not only the rich but the common man who needs help with their marriage problems.Love and light from Downtown Chicago. * Result Vary

I just wanna say thank you for taking the time and pain to listen to me when I truly needed someone to be there in my lowest times especially after the bad break up. You are truly a friend and very amazing. You have no idea how much relief I felt each time I speak with you on the phone. It meant the world to me. Love and Light Anonymous * Result Vary

Honestly, In time past I have done so many different free spells I was able to lay my hands on via google search but I then came across your website and used your services. I'm returning to say though it took a little longer time for me to get the desired positive result when I was on the verge of loosing all hope. I'm thankful for helping me. Ana, Sin City * Result Vary

What an impressive site ! Not only do you make it easy to find different spells at great prices, but you've also explained to me on what and how each spell will help fix my marriage and hair loss problems. I not only made good use of the full moon date & time, to order my spells which i have received 80% of progressive result within 5 weeks, but learned a lot reading through all sections of your very informative website. I am a very satisfied customer !. Thumbs up and keep up the good work. Will tell my friends more about you on our ladies night out. Riley O. from Orlando, Florida. * Result Vary

I always heard spells from you "merujhaspellcaster" were the best and affordable and that you truly do the spell work and bring about true, positive and lasting result within a reasonable short time, but to be honest with you, i never really believed it. I was fortunate to discover your website which really broke down how you truly work to help an individual's situation. I had no idea that you could help me with my relationship issues because i had actually given up completely( i already thought it was an hopeless case since other psychics i had contacted couldn't help me but took my money instead). But my curiosity got the best of me, that was why i had called you & was really shocked that you returned my call and email. Long story short, thank you so much for having help me through those difficult times in my life.My relationship and life now have new meaning. Receiving your help since the past 1 year seem like forever. I'm indebted to you merujha. P. Brad Keowee * Result Vary

Being a woman it is very embarrassing dealing with hair loss. There were several nights I would cry myself to sleep and it brings along lots of depression and low self esteem, but since trying your hair loss spell I am absolutely speechless and amazed at the results.* Not only has my hair loss totally stopped, my natural hair has grown back and my white hairs are also getting blacker! Your spells is the best thing that has happened to me. I cant even thank you enough merujha. If there's every anything I can do for you, please let me know, I would love to help you promote your products especially you range of hair loss spells!. Riley in Oakland * Result Vary

Just wanted to update you about my situation, Phillip called me out of the blue after almost 4months of No contact and he said he missed me and the kids so much and that he wants to meet with me. That was so weird and it was the least thing i expected. Eventually, we talked over a drink and i could feel his emotions, he apologized for having treated me so badly and not been a responsible father all the while. Now, i can see positive changes in him and so much willingness to take up responsibilities and also reunite with his son and i. I'm more than happy to have him back with us and i will keep you posted of more results i get. And to anyone out there who's considering or looking to work with a legitimate love spell caster, don't hesitate to talk to merujhaspell. I vouch he's the real deal. Alexis I'm getting results from the spellwork done * Result Vary

You are so true to your words merujhaspell, after falling into wrong hands so many times in the past only to remain with an empty purse with no result. You have changed that completely. Your spells really and truly works merujha. Thanks a million times for all your encouragement, help and support even when anxiety swallowed me up, you geared me up and brought me back to life. I forever owe you Sir. I will tell everyone around me here in Seattle of your good works. S.S * Result Vary

Hello merujha! Your spell work has helped me through some very difficult times in my love life and job. I don't think I would have made it without you. Thanks again for your site and keeping in touch with me via the phone just in the nick of time. I'm sure there are millions more like me who have depended on you and who need a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand to pull them out, to get through those lonely, hurting and miserable times. You're like a bright light and a warm smile. Thanks again for your help! I will tell the world about your good works. WS, toronto

Truly recommended! * Result Vary

My ex and I have been back for 2 weeks now and although we both want to jump in the deep end and pick up from where we left off, move in together etc, we are holding off and are taking it slow for the good of our relationship. Thanks for your good works! Josh Thumbs up * Result Vary

Since your cleansing and protection spell. I feel so much better. I am sleeping well and wake up well, strong and happy, have had much better luck, and just feel peace and positive energies around me. I am so calm, happy, and enjoying life again with my family. THANK YOU merujhaspell !!! T, Australia * Result Vary

Me & my x broke up 10 month ago & I lost complete hope & contact for 4 months, In that time I realized how much I still loved him I contacted merujha for a spell for my x to call me, I didn't think he would but he did within 21 days after spell was casted just like he told me...he truly is amazing & am not sure how he did it but he did! He answered all my questions & was very supportive!!!!. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for honest spell caster that cares!!!! Thanks merujhaspell N Australia. * Result Vary